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Aug 31, 2018

New people, new beers, and an old name for Atlanta Brewing Company 

Opened in 1993, Atlanta Brewing Company is the oldest production brewery in Georgia.  They started with that name but changed to Red Brick Brewing Co. in 2010, named after their most popular beer.  It’s surprising that our oldest brewery is only 25, but with that little Prohibition thing in America and Georgia’s historically awful brewery laws, that’s quite a feat.  Others have come and gone, some moved on to open other breweries, but Atlanta Brewing Co. has stood strong, even when they shouldn’t have.

Director of Brewing Operations Gavin McKenna joined Atlanta Brewing Co. in June 2017 after four years at the popular Wrecking Bar Brewpub.  Although there’s renewed popularity of the beer since McKenna came on board, he’s quick to admit there were many others that helped build the brewery well before he stepped foot inside.  A visit to the taproom offers up 20 varied and unique beers from popular hazy IPAs to classic English ales and even a “Lagerwine.”  When McKenna joined the team he offered suggestions to improve beer quality and was met with some resistance.  Many people on the team had been there for years, and he was the new guy.  Over time his suggestions worked, the beer improved, and the craft beer community began to take notice.

To celebrate their 25th-anniversary Marketing Director Cameron Davis shares the details of their month-long celebration all around Atlanta, culminating with the official anniversary party at the brewery on September 29th.  The team collaborated with several breweries for the festivities and will release these collaborations in the taproom and at collaborating breweries throughout the month. Imperial Stout Hype Whale will also see three new variant releases at their Hangover Party on the 30th.

McKenna and Davis sat down with us this week to talk about the rebrand and the anniversary events.  We sampled their newly-packaged Homestand Pilsner while planning out our month for maximum enjoyment.  The impetus for the change was a desire to move forward while reconnecting with their Atlanta roots.  There are big changes to the beer but with the same branding many people have their opinions set and may pass over new offerings.  With the change to Atlanta Brewing Company, the team hopes the retro-modern packaging will help beer drinkers take notice once again.

Collaborating Breweries: Cherry Street | DISSOLVR | Etowah Meadery | Good Word Brewing | Hopstix | Max Lager’s | Old Rail Brewing Co. | Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen | Southern Grist | Twain’s | Wrecking Bar Brewpub