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Mar 16, 2019

Three Taverns welcomes new brewmaster, presses ahead with Imaginarium

Three Taverns Craft Beers is known for their diverse portfolio of hoppy IPAs, tasty sours, and thick and rich long-boil stouts.  The brewery opened under Georgia's "old laws" and initially weren't allowed to do direct sales out of their brewery.  Owner Brian Purcell tells us one of the great things going for breweries in Georgia today is those direct sales allow small batch creativity, which didn't make financial sense for many brewers under the old laws.  While others are opening new, larger brewers to expand, Purcell is going the other direction and opening his Imaginarium at the Atlanta Dairies development.  Visitors can expect a  Willy Wonka meets Ripley's Believe it or Not as brewers flex their creative muscles on an ever-changing list of experimental beers.

Heading up the brewing at both locations will be Riley Finnigan, the new Brewmaster at Three Taverns.  He joins the team after a year-long search prompted by the departure of Joran Van Ginderachter, who left to open his own brewery, Halfway Crooks Beer.  Finnigan is still getting settled in Atlanta, but already loves the strong craft beer community.  His brewing background has taken him around the world, most recently at Edge Brewing in Barcelona and previously with Colorado's Avery Brewing.  Finningan caught the brewing bug while he was managing a sustainable ranch in rural Mexico.

Atlanta United wasted no time in turning Atlanta into a soccer town.  Before the fancy Mercedes Benz stadium was completed fans packed out Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd stadium for games.  Purcell is one of those fans, as are many others at Three Taverns.  They attend tailgates, host watch parties, and their Rowdy and Proud IPA is always on hand to celebrate.  Brewed in collaboration with Resurgence, the Atlanta United supporters club, the beer has taken on a life of its own.  Purcell announced the launch of to tell the story of the beer, share pics of the rowdy and the proud as well as a calendar of events, and (soon) to get your Rowdy and Proud merchandise.

Make sure to visit Three Taverns original brewery in Decatur, GA and stay tuned for updates on the Imaginarium.

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