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May 30, 2020

Ology Brewing sees growth and expansion amid Covid-19 lockdowns

Ology Brewing cans

Any time you turn on the news these days there's plenty of gloom to go around.  The hospitality industry, including breweries, has been hit extremely hard.  However, Tallahassee's Ology Brewing is keeping busy and planning expansions.  They opened their 3rd taproom in April and will be starting up a distillery soon, and a new canning line is also on the way.

We met Ology founders Paul Woodward and Nick Walker in Atlanta at a beer festival a couple of years ago and visited their original taproom in 2019.  Their aggressively-hopped Sensory Overload IPAs and delicious fruit beers from the Juice Lab series were some of our favorites on our trip.  We talk about these beers as well as the resurgence of the West Coast IPA and long-boil, super #thicc stouts.  Walker's family has a long history with the scientific side of our senses.  His grandfather researched how we perceive taste and his father researched the sense of smell.  In Ology's brews there's a heavy focus on the science without sacrificing the artistic qualities of craft beer.  Keep an eye out for the Ology distillery soon.  Woodward tells us they'll offer several spirits with a big focus on quality rum.

Tallahassee has a small but growing beer scene with a passionate fan base.  If you find yourself in the panhandle make sure to put Ology on your list.

BGR at Ology 2019 SQ Team BGR at Ology in April 2019.  Just in case you missed it Brian and Smalls will point the way.



  • Ology Brewing
    • All Together IPA (A worldwide collaboration from Other Half with processed going to displaced workers in the hospitality industry)
    • Ology Purple Telescope Berliner Weisse with Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry
    • Ology Resolved Enigma West Coast IPA
    • Ology Sensory Overload Hazy Citra IPA
  • Ellipsis Hey Hefe!
  • Ommegang Neon Neon Rainbows
  • Sideward Tiki Sour

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