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Hosts Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt bring you interviews and insights from the amazing people across the world of craft beer.  Fun and lighthearted discussions meant to educate on a variety of topics including new beer releases, brewery happenings, beer laws, homebrewing tips, and a whole lot more.  Sit back, crack open a cold one, and tune in every Saturday for the Beer Guys Radio Show!

Oct 24, 2020

Sixpoint Brewery talks Cicerone certification, crispy lagers, and nuclear submarines

Sixpoint Brewery first came to recognition for their bright Resin DIPA.  As the name implies, this isn't a hazy and fruity beer.  Resin packs a punch of pine and citrus to quench your thirst for that West Coast goodness.  Education and Training Manager Max Finnance wants you to enjoy Resin, and all your beers, a bit more and he joins us this week to talk about just how to do that.

Before his life in beer Finnance was stationed on a nuclear submarine and tells us some of the science background he gained has helped in his brewery life.  He's a certified Advanced Cicerone as well as a BJCP Certified beer judge.  Read, he knows his beer.  He admits that this type of in-depth education isn't for everyone but if you're a passionate beer fan you can still learn a bit more about your beers, and how to drink them.  Sure, we all think we know how to drink, but do we really?  Some of the classes he teaches are designed to educate retailers, distributors, and employees on the art of beer.  How to properly store, serve, and sip your brews.  Finnance enjoys traveling and sharing his knowledge but with the Covid Curse upon us he's taken his classes online.

Hazy IPAs still rule when it comes to questions he gets about beer, but he'd also like everyone to know more about lagers.  There's a huge variety out there well beyond the Crispy Boy pilsners but lagers still have a reputation with many people as clear and light beers.  If you're in a larger area it's likely there's a local brewery brewing up a variety of lagers, so take a trip and see what's on tap.

As a silver lining to the Covid cloud, Sixpoint has been able to take advantage of some temporary laws to host an outdoor tasting room.  A more permanent taproom (or two) is in the works, although there have been some delays due to landlord issues.  Follow Sixpoint on social media to get the scoop as thing develop.

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