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Aug 17, 2019

Lawson's Finest Liquids is always ready to share a little Sip of Sunshine

When Sean Lawson founded Lawson's Finest Liquids in 2008 he wasn't sure if his "hobby" would work out.  His original brewhouse was built to accommodate his fallback plan, a sugar shack to process maple syrup.  He never had to execute the backup plan and today Lawson's beers are distributed to nine states in the northeast with appearances at bottle shares and gatherings across the country.

Lawson tells us that although Sip of Sunshine got their name out to the masses, Double Sunshine was the first beer that folks started lining up for.  Each release brought the crowds in earlier, grabbing breakfast and sitting up their chairs.  Outside of New England, most people probably still know the brewery for their hoppy beers.  However, in addition to amazing IPAs, the brewery produces several maple beers, stouts, pilsners, and more.  Lawson even collaborated with a local distiller to make a spirit dubbed Hop Scotch.

We cover a lot of ground in our conversation with Lawson including the early days of the brewery as well as growing into their new location, their focus on conservation and philanthropy, the continued popularity of Sip of Sunshine, and more on the other beers they brew.

Lawson's Finest Liquids
155 Carroll Road
Waitsfield, VT  05673

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