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Oct 16, 2021

Partake Brewing takes their non-alcoholic brews from the Dragon's Den to distribution

Partake Brewing founder Ted Fleming was (is) a huge craft beer fan.  He loves hanging out with friends and sharing a brew.  Unfortunately, after a visit to the doctor diagnosed him with Crohn's Disease he had to ease off the alcohol, and eventually give it up all together.

But Fleming wasn't ready to give up sharing a drink with friends.  He did some research on the non-alcoholic beer market and discovered there weren't a lot of great offerings to be had at home in Canada, or in North America in general.  This led him to building a website to offer what he did find, many from Europe.  His website turned into a passionate community and when he finally decided to launch Partake he had a lot of support, even though it meant he would have to give up his website.

Partake even visited the Dragon's Den, Canada's version of America's Shark Tank. Fleming got a deal on the show but says they were ultimately not able to finalize it.  He did have a strong backing on a Kickstarter with an IPA and got the ball rolling.

Now offering a full lineup of core beers as well as seasonal offerings like Lime (an easy-drinking lager'ish brew with a lime hint) and a Peach Gose.

The NA beer market continues to grow, and we are all here for it.  You know we love a good, boozy brew but it's nice for those that can't or don't want to have alcohol to still be able to enjoy a craft brew.  They're popular with health-conscious folks and some of the brews have only 10 calories in a 12-oz can.  Madness.

With the Cheers to Adulting campaign Partake Brewing is encouraging everyone to consider Sober October.  With the extravagance of the holidays just around the corner that may not be a bad idea.  Maybe next year.