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Apr 17, 2021

While other 90s brewpubs have disappeared, Iron Hill Brewery only gets stronger

Do you remember the brewpub boom of the 1990s?  It seemed like there was one on every corner.  John Harvard's and Hops were a couple favorites in Atlanta, and Sundays on the patio of Atlanta Beer Garten listening to 99x's Resurrection Sunday still conjures very fond memories.  All of those brewpubs are long gone, along with many others founded during the 90s boom.  Beating the odds, Mark Edelson's Iron Hill Brewery is still going strong, and getting stronger.

Edelson joined us on the show this week to talk about what gave his brewpub staying power over the years and what's in store for the future.  We talk about his days as a member of the board at the Brewers Association alongside the likes of Mitch Steele, Ken Grossman, Peter Bouckaert, and Mr. Charlie Papazian.  He tells us about the challenges of defining a "craft brewery" and shares his thoughts on the biggest challenges today's brewers face.

Iron Hill has the impressive distinction of winning medals at the Great American Beer Festival for 20+ consecutive years included being named Best Brewpub.  As the brewery approaches their 25th anniversary this November Edelson has plans for some big beers, he reveals the "big one" on the show this week.  We chat about their new production brewery in Exton, PA and their entry into the distribution market, as well as recent events at their newest pub right here in Atlanta.  Oh, and some chatter about cave-aged beers and cheeses.

Iron Hill Brewery Cans

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  • Iron Hill Brewery
    • Homestead Farmhouse Ale
    • Dankonia NEIPA
  • Partake Blonde (Another dive into our #DoctorsOrders NA beer series)

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