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Hosts Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt bring you interviews and insights from the amazing people across the world of craft beer.  Fun and lighthearted discussions meant to educate on a variety of topics including new beer releases, brewery happenings, beer laws, homebrewing tips, and a whole lot more.  Sit back, crack open a cold one, and tune in every Saturday for the Beer Guys Radio Show!

Sep 24, 2016

What do you get when you combine a Georgia native, an interest in home brewing and an education in Colorado? 

A really awesome brewpub, that's what. Nick Tanner, brewmaster of Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative in Cumming joined the Beer Guys in studio.

We were able to grab Nick for an interview as he was in the midst of shipping beer to the upcoming Great American Beer Festival

Nick talked about his background, growing up in the restaurant industry, discovering craft beer while at Colorado State University, and heading back to his hometown to open a brewpub and tap room in partnership with Rick Tanner's Grille and Bar in the Vickery Village center. We also talked about their recent tap room expansion and their many, many, many varieties of beer.

Truck and Tap's beers of the week include Cherry Street's O.A.S.I.S barrel aged Imperial stout (don't ask what O.A.S.I.S stands for). Plus, a couple beers from Florida's Cycle Brewing that Becky brought back from her recent trip. 

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Coming up next week, we'll talk to Alabama's oldest (currently operating) craft breweries, Good People Brewing Company

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