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Hosts Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt bring you interviews and insights from the amazing people across the world of craft beer.  Fun and lighthearted discussions meant to educate on a variety of topics including new beer releases, brewery happenings, beer laws, homebrewing tips, and a whole lot more.  Sit back, crack open a cold one, and tune in every Saturday for the Beer Guys Radio Show!

Apr 11, 2020

Breakside Brewery's co-founder and brewmaster Ben Edmunds talks changing business practices, brewing with unusual ingredients, and a ton of collaborations for their 10th anniversary

Like every other brewery Portland, Oregon's Breakside Brewery is doing things a bit differently for now.  Co-founder, co-owner, and brewmaster Ben Edmunds tells us they are operating on to-go and delivery options.  When asked if he's learned anything through this that might impact business going forward he quickly notes that it's too soon to tell, they're just trying to make it through the pandemic.

Breakside is know mainly for their stable of award-winning IPAs but Edmunds shares with us some of his more adventurous brews with ingredients like mushrooms, seaweed, and bonito flakes.  We also chat about all the amazing hops out there and what varieties are exciting him right now, and discuss a bit about hop terroir.

Amid all the madness Edmunds will brew 26 collaboration beers to celebrate their 10th Anniversary this year.  He promises there will be a party at some point, but in the meantime they'll have plenty of beers to enjoy.

The Beer List

  • Breakside Wanderlust IPA
  • Breakside What Rough Beast Hazy IPA
  • Breakside Rainbows & Unicorns IPA