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Hosts Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt bring you interviews and insights from the amazing people across the world of craft beer.  Fun and lighthearted discussions meant to educate on a variety of topics including new beer releases, brewery happenings, beer laws, homebrewing tips, and a whole lot more.  Sit back, crack open a cold one, and tune in every Saturday for the Beer Guys Radio Show!

Jul 24, 2021

NA beer is here to stay, and Athletic Brewing Co. is leading the way

We last talked with Athletic Brewing Co. in 2019.  They were just getting their roots set and spreading the word of their non-alcoholic craft beer.  The last two years of seen explosive growth for them, and the NA beer sector, so we decided to catch up with them for an update.

Bill Shufelt and John Walker are the co-founders of Athletic.  Bill man's the fort at their production brewery in San Diego while John watches over their original Connecticut Brewery and taproom.  Both breweries are in the process of expansion.

Even though the segment has grown there's still a stigma with many people about non-alcoholic beers.  Some recall the weird taste of previous NA offerings, and some just don't get the point of a beer with alcohol.  Athletic wants to see NA become a choice just because you like it, rather than a "penalty box" decision for designated drivers, pregnant women, and recovering alcoholics.

Bill and John share info on their collaborations and charity work, and their involvement in the recent awards of brewing diversity scholarships with Sacred Heart University.  They also talk about their expanded distribution (including Georgia!) and where they are headed next.

Bottleshare is helping the good people of craft

Christopher Glenn of Bottleshare joins us again as well.  Spreading the word on his non-profit that helps those in the craft beverage industry that fall on hard times, and about the upcoming Nestober Fest on Oct. 2nd to raise funds for Bottleshare.  Chris's organization started as a local project to help craft employees in Georgia but as word spread he stretched beyond the state and Bottleshare is now a nationwide effort.  Look for Bottleshare collaborations from some of your favorite breweries for an easy way to help the cause.

The Beer List

  • Athletic Brewing Co. Run Wild NA IPA
  • Athletic Brewing Co. All Out Extra Dark NA (It's like a stout but they can't call it a stout.)
  • Ceria Brewing Grainwave NA Belgian White
  • Ceria Brewing Indiewave NA IPA

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