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Tim Dennis and Aaron Williams are talking to the people who make the southeast's craft beer industry great! New shows are uploaded every Saturday.

May 5, 2018

It's no secret that Atlanta is a great food town. But it's also becoming a fantastic beer town as well. 

So if you're a brewpub, you have to keep up with both. 

Wrecking Bar Brewpub has been able to do that. From crafting amazing beers (that are now being canned, thanks to new law changes) to providing fine fare, the Atlanta brewpub has managed to thrive in this busy and competitive market. 

We talk to owner and brewer emeritus Bob Sandage about his brewpub, new Georgia laws, and whether or not milkshake IPAs are really a beer. 

Truck and Tap's Beers of the Week: 

  • Numerous beers from Wrecking Bar
  • Weihenstephaner/Sierra Nevada Braupakt


Coming up next week, we're talking to Alabama's Trim Tab Brewing. Cheers!