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Tim Dennis and Aaron Williams are talking to the people who make the southeast's craft beer industry great! New shows are uploaded every Saturday.

Mar 31, 2018

Lincoln Fill Station has been bringing craft beer to Snellville, Georgia for several years. 

They also are the home of a little Beer Guys history - the site of our very first live broadcast. 

We joined Tiny and the crew at TinyPalooza 3.5 once again this year, and sampled a great variety of beers on tap. 

We also got to chat with Trey Sinclair and Steve Anderson. The Dry County Brewing company gents were celebrating with Tiny and drinking some great beer. 

We were able to catch up with them, and talk all things Dry County, including their forays into coffee and distilling. 

Owen Ogletree also stopped by to talk about the upcoming Classic City Brew Fest. 

Truck and Tap's Beers of the Week:

  • Monday Night Brewing Tears of My Enemies
  • TrimTab Language of Thunder
  • Numerous Dry County Beers




Coming up next week, the festivals don't stop. We're at the inaugural Day of the Juice Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Have a great week, and don't forget to DRINK LOCAL. Cheers!