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Apr 29, 2017
SweetWater 420 Fest
SweetWater 420 Fest hit Centennial Olympic Park, and as always, it was a huge hit (courtesy SweetWater 420 Fest)

The Beer Guys dusted off their Chacos and hit the SweetWater 420 Festival!

Since it's one of the largest beer (and music and comedy) festivals in the state, we figured it was a good time to talk about beer fests. Specifically, some of the great ones in the southeast (and the country), and our opinions on what makes a great beer fest. Also, some tips for newbies on surviving one!

We broadcast from the mobile Airstream studios of 30A Radio, so we talked to Cory Davis about the beer scene in the Florida panhandle. Some great information for folks looking to travel south on vacation this summer.

Truck and Tap's Beers of the Week

At the SweetWater Experience tent, they really pulled out the stops. With 28 beers on tap - almost every one only available in limited amounts and usually at the brewery - we took advantage of it.

First, we sampled SweetWater's Mexican Lager, a great easy drinker for beach, parties...or concerts!

But next, Tim and Aaron were able to introduce Cory to one of their favorite SweetWater beers, the Exodus Porter. And in no way should this serve as a plea for SweetWater to return this brew back into production.....

Headlines (sponsored by Your Pie Perimeter):

Coming up next week? Speaking of Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative, we'll be up in Cumming to help celebrate their anniversary. Have a great week, join us on the socials, and don't forget...DRINK LOCAL!

Special thanks to Corey Davis and the crew from 30A Radio for their awesome hospitality!

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Apr 24, 2017
Friends Brewing Beer Cart
As Georgia was a bit behind the times in 1990 Friends Brewing had to personally pull their beer to the distributor with their beer cart. (Credit: Dow Scoggins)

Max Lager's and Friends Brewing bring a long gone Georgia beer back to life

Opened in Helen in 1990, Friends Brewing and the Helenboch Brewery was Georgia's first craft brewery.  It was a very different time for beer in Georgia, and across the US.  Microbrew was the term used for what we call craft beer today, Georgia still had a 6% cap on ABV, lagers were the preferred styles, and Friends Brewing was just the 175th microbrewery in the US.

Friends made a great impression on the beer scene when they launched, Helenboch won silver at the Great American Beer Festival in 1989 and Helenboch Oktoberfest took gold in 1991.  The famed beer writer Michael Jackson visited the brewery as well, and no visit to Georgia is complete without a trip to Waffle House where Jackson experienced the greatness of hash browns served scattered, smothered, covered, topped, and chunked.

Friends Brewing Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson once visited Friends Brewing.  After sharing their beers with him they took him to Waffle House.  Welcome to Georgia, Mr. Jackson. (Credit: Rick Roberts/Dow Scoggins)

Helenboch Brewery Produced Award Winning Beers

Helenboch beer was brewed in Helen from 1990-1991 and contract brewed through 1998.  After being gone for nearly 20 years a Facebook message to Friends Brewing's President Dow Scoggins from Helenback Race Series founder Dan Wilkins set the wheels in motion to bring it back to life.  Scoggins posted to see if a brewery would let him brew his beer with them... or give him $500,000 to re-open a brewery.  He didn't get any funding offers but Max Lager's John Roberts saw the post and reached out to Dow and in short order they agreed to make Helenboch happen again.

As with many microbreweries of the day Friends Brewing is no more, but the original owners are still very passionate about beer.  I sat down recently with Rick Roberts, Frank Cronin, and Dow Scoggins from Friends; John Roberts from Max Lager's; and Dan Wilkins from the Helenback Race Series to sample and talk about this old/new brew and the memories it brought back.

You can try Helenboch beer at Max Lager's now "until it's gone" or run the Helenback Race Series on April 29th and enjoy a pour at the finish line.

Helenboch Beer
The modern version of Helenboch beer, sampled at Max Lager's Brewpub in Atlanta, GA.  Get it while you can.
Helenboch Beer Original
A six-pack of the original Helenboch beer still survives after nearly 20 years.
Apr 22, 2017

We talk to Brandon Hintz, the owner of North Carolina's Currahee Brewing and Alpharetta's Hop Alley Brewpub.

Apr 15, 2017

We're talking all about Athens-area beers with Chris Herron, CEO of Creature Comforts Brewing Company, Brian Roth of Southern Brewing Company and Owen Ogletree from Brewtopia Events. 

Owen was kind enough to invite us to broadcast from the 22nd annual festival, and it was awesome as expected. The guys from Scofflaw also crashed the party too! 

Have a great week, check out, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter...and DRINK LOCAL!

Apr 8, 2017

We are featuring the crew from Madison, AL's Rocket Republic Brewing Company on this week's show.

Apr 1, 2017

Tim and Aaron sat down at the Porter Beer Bar with Nick Purdy from Wild Heaven Beer. We had a great conversation, ranging from SB85's impact on their brewery, the plans for the second location, and how to get the best watermelon flavor out of a watermelon (hint: it involves lots of work). 

Apr 1, 2017

No foolin' around here! We attended TinyPalooza 2.5 at Snellville's Lincoln Fill Station. Before we went around sampling some amazing beers, and after the wind tried to literally take our production equipment away, we were able to talk to Athens newest brewpub in planning, Akademia.