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Jan 28, 2017

What an amazing event! 

If you haven't been to one of the 13 iterations of the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting, then you're missing out. Owen Ogletree, owner of, puts on the event every year at the Prado in Sandy Springs. This year's version featured more than 60 casks of unique and creative beers from Georgia, national and international brewers! 

We took advantage of our attendance at ACAT to drink some amazing beers (of course), but also to get updates on a few breweries and brewpubs in planning. 

First on the list was Mitch Steele. The former brewmaster for Stone Brewing is working with his partners to open up a brewpub on the Atlanta beltline sometime late in 2017. We spoke with him about the plans, and the reason why they picked Atlanta. 

Next, Owen took some time out of his busy day to talk about casks. What they are, the history involved, and why they are so much more nuanced than "normal" tapped beers. 

In our third segment, we speak to Matt and Lauren Curling, the husband and wife team behind Roswell's Variant Brewing Company. Also planning a 2017 launch, we talk about how they got started in craft beer (hint: it wasn't Matt at first!) and the trials and tribulations of starting up a new brewery. 

We also talk with our great sponsors, Your Pie Perimeter, about their upcoming Second Anniversary party. 

Ryan Skinner and Todd DeMatteo joined us in the fourth segment. Ryan and Todd are planning a new brewpub, Good Word, in craft beer starved Gwinnett County. We talked about starting up a new brewpub in downtown Duluth, as well as their idea for bringing the comforts of home to a brewpub.

Finally, we were lucky enough to grab two of the world's foremost experts on cask ales.  Des de Moor is a London-based beer judge and writer; and Steve Hamburg is a Chicago-area writer and beer judge. Both are cask experts, and we talk about the cask movement in the United States and what makes a great cask ale.

Next week, we'll be cidering it up with the folks behind Mercier Orchards. Thanks for listening, and don't forget...drink local! 


Jan 21, 2017
ypp bhb
Quite the crew. (From left): Your Pie Perimeter owners Morgan and Lisa Maclellan, Burnt Hickory Brewery owner Scott Hedeen, Tim and Aaron.

A packed house in the studio this weekend!

We were lucky to have three awesome guests. First, the evil genius (not really evil, but it sounds good) behind Burnt Hickory Brewery, Scott Hedeen, joined us in studio. We uncapped plenty of whales from BHB, thanks to Scott (and Brian Hewitt's) stash.

Scott talked about the challenges of operating a small brewery under current Georgia laws, the special ambiance of the tap room (including one crazy Yelp review), and the ideas behind their many creative variants. We also talked about Georgia Beer Day, the growth of craft beer (and spirits) in Kennesaw, as well as the fist BHB Town Hall meeting this week. Finally, Tim tests Scott on music and beer pairings. You'll find out what the best beer is for listening to Taylor Swift, natch.

Also joining us was Morgan and Lisa Maclellan, the owners of Your Pie Perimeter. Not only are they one of our great sponsors, they are renowned among the Your Pie community when it comes to their craft beer program. We talk shop, and learn more about the importance of craft beer on their bottom line.


  • Southbound Brewing's Mystery Ship
  • Burnt Hickory Brewery Freak Flag Apricot Saison w/Brett
  • BHB's Noggin Knocker Imperial Eggnog Milk Stout
  • BHB's Kolb's Farm Russian Imperial Stout
  • BHB's Machine Gun Etiquette Lemon Pale Ale
  • BHB's Feeling Gravity's Pull Maple Bacon Habanero Coffee Stout

HEADLINES (Sponsored by Your Pie Perimeter)

A special shout out to our newest sponsor, CRL CONTRACTING. Working on opening a brewery? CRL is the most experienced contractors when it comes to building breweries and tap rooms. They've built for Orpheus, Second Self and Scofflaw. Thanks for your support!


Jan 14, 2017

While Aaron is (ahem) on assignment, Brian Hewitt of filled in with Tim. Broadcasting from Your Pie Perimeter, the Beer Guys chatted with the crew from Omaha Brewing Company. 

Jan 7, 2017

It's a new year, and it's time to get back into the beer! 

And, as luck would have it, it was a Northeast Metro Atlanta show.

We had the crew from Reformation Brewery in the house this week. Co-founder Spencer Nix, along with Ryan Morley-Stockton and photographer extraordinaire Jessica Miller joined us in studio this weekend.

We talked about the brewery's origin story, which includes some in depth conversations about religious history, seminary school, and parties that got just too popular for a house to hold.

2016 was a big year for Reformation. They canned their first brew (and have now expanded to 5 canned products).  2017 looks to be another growth opportunity for them, with potential expansion out of Georgia.

We also spoke to Spencer about the challenges and opportunities facing Georgia's beer community this year. 

Headlines (furnished by Your Pie Perimeter)

The biggest news in Georgia beer was a personnel move. Steve Anderson, formerly of Atlanta's Red Brick Brewing, has joined Kennesaw's Dry County Brewing as its brewmaster. We spoke briefly about his first week on the job, the challenges, and the advantages of not having to deal with a daily commute to Atlanta! 

Truck and Tap Beers of the Week:

  • Reformation Wilder Blackberry Strong Ale
  • Reformation French Saison (coming soon)
  • Reformation Jude Trippel

Coming up next week, we're going on the road. We'll be broadcasting from Your Pie Perimeter on Thursday, January 12. We'll talk to the crew behind Omaha Brewing. Come join Tim and have some pizza and beers at a great spot! We'll see you next week, and don't forget...DRINK LOCAL.