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Sep 24, 2016

What do you get when you combine a Georgia native, an interest in home brewing and an education in Colorado? 

A really awesome brewpub, that's what. Nick Tanner, brewmaster of Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative in Cumming joined the Beer Guys in studio.

We were able to grab Nick for an interview as he was in the midst of shipping beer to the upcoming Great American Beer Festival

Nick talked about his background, growing up in the restaurant industry, discovering craft beer while at Colorado State University, and heading back to his hometown to open a brewpub and tap room in partnership with Rick Tanner's Grille and Bar in the Vickery Village center. We also talked about their recent tap room expansion and their many, many, many varieties of beer.

Truck and Tap's beers of the week include Cherry Street's O.A.S.I.S barrel aged Imperial stout (don't ask what O.A.S.I.S stands for). Plus, a couple beers from Florida's Cycle Brewing that Becky brought back from her recent trip. 

In Headlines (sponsored by Your Pie Perimeter)....




Coming up next week, we'll talk to Alabama's oldest (currently operating) craft breweries, Good People Brewing Company

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Sep 17, 2016

We took the show on the road this week. 

All the way out to Avondale Estates to the home of Wild Heaven Craft Beers

The folks there were busy, you see. They were brewing a collaboration with a little place from Florida called Cigar City

So we were able to interview two amazing brewers at once - Wild Heaven's Eric Johnson and Cigar City's Wayne Wambles. 

We talk about Eric's non traditional entry into brewing, Wild Heaven's move to canning, and many more things...including what he and Wayne are cooking up! We'll also learn about the success of Emergency Drinking Beer and crack open a special sour that's in the works.

Truck and Tap's Beers of the week included Wild Heaven's Autumn Defense, and a surprise from across the pond. Wayne and the Cigar City crew have spent the last several months traveling around the world, collaborating with brewers. One of their collabs happened to be with Ireland's Galway Bay Brewery, home of friend of the show Wil Avery. We sampled the result - Phaethon IPA - and gave Wayne his first taste as well! 

In the headlines (sponsored by Your Pie - Perimeter), we talk about Atlanta's newest planned brewpub, headed by former Stone Brewing brewmaster Mitch Steele. Also, Tim talked to Nick Hudson from Albama's Free the Hops, and has an update on the proposed regulations regarding to-go brewery sales. 

Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast (and leave a review!). Coming up next week, we'll have Cherry Street Brewing Co-Op's Nick Tanner. We'll be on the socials all week long, and we'd love to have you join us.


Cheers, and DRINK LOCAL

Sep 10, 2016

What do you do when you start a brewery in a college town with two other amazing breweries in town? Create some amazing beers.

Brian Roth, founder and chief bottle washer at Southern Brewing Company joined the Beer Guys in the studios.

We talked about their craft beer lineup, what they learned in their year of existence, and the importance of keeping everything as local as possible....down to the yeast!

Tyler Nelson, southeast rep for Green Flash and Alpine also joined us in the studio. 

Truck and Tap's beers of the week included some great Southern beers, including a few from their new Southern Woodpile line. 

In Headlines, sponsored by Your Pie - Perimeter, we talk to Alabama's newest craft beer destination, Green Bus Brewing in downtown Huntsville.

Tim's Whalez of the week include Juiceless IPA, a collaboration between Creature Comforts and Wicked Weed and Burial Beer Company from North Carolina, hitting the shelves soon.

Next week, we're on the road, talking to Wild Heaven Craft Beers.

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Cheers, and don't forget to drink local!

Sep 3, 2016

JP Watts, Matt Shirah and the rest of the Scofflaw Brewing Company have been pretty busy. 

Ahead of their Sept. 17th "official" tasting room opening in West Atlanta, the men behind Scofflaw have been going to bars and events to get the word out. And their brewers have been working overtime getting orders out. 

So far, it's worked. Scofflaw has created quite a buzz in the market in a short amount of time. And a very tired JP and Matt joined us in the studio this week.

We talk to them about their start -- from life in the corporate world, to running a beer bar in California to brewing in Matt's mother in law's house -- to all the hard work of opening up Georgia's newest brewery. 

Truck and Tap's Beers of the Week? Scofflaw's Sneaky Wheat, Basement IPA and Interrogation Coffee stout. 

We also had some other treats in store. Thanks to the city of Atlanta (finally) passing growlers-to-go, 5 Seasons Westside gave us 64 ounces in celebration. 

Also, Eventide Brewing just released their seasonal Red Headed Haley, a 5.3% ABV, very drinkable red ale.